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    A sushi

    A sushi


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    Feather sushi

    Feather sushi


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    Singapore forward sushi

    Singapore forward sushi


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    Hong Kong bright will install the sushi

    Hong Kong bright will install the sushi


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    National Service Hotline:15915914980

    Guangzhou Shengbang Machinery Co., Ltd.

    Guangzhou Shengbang Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 2008, located in the economic, information, traffic developed Pearl River Delta region, covers an area of one thousand eight hundred square meters, is a research and development, design, manufacture, install rotary transmission equipment ...

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    Shengbang Machinery-Our four advantages

    National Hotline:15915914980

    1 Modern production equipment, multiple testing procedures

    ensure product quality

    We have a modern production technology and equipment
    and professional engineering and technical personnelready to provide you the most attentive service!

    Materials: high quality stainless steel alloy.

    Machinery and equipment: the introduction of Guangzhou Shipyard International and other famous modern production equipment.

    Get ISO9001product quality system certification, a comprehensive quality standards enterprises!

    2 Strict production, inspection process

    Purchasing selection of good quality and reliable reputation service quality suppliers to establish long-term strategic alliance

    Production workshop responsible for inspection and quality inspection requirements by rectification

    The company is responsible for the production of quality inspection process to ensure that each product meets the quality requirements of procedure

    Quality of service for every product we sell, lifetime maintenance. Lets you remove the worries

    3 Transportation and distribution of professional and inter-regional service capabilities

    so you no worries

    We signed a long-term cooperation agreements with a number of logistics companies to ensure timely productquickly reach

    One aftermarketservice team,so you no worries

    4 Professional designers tailored, high-quality construction throughout the construction process, the construction team tracking

    Experts name:Engineer

    Have practical experience in the expansion joint engineering technology, capable of undertaking more complex independent pipeline expansion joint design and selection of work...

    Expert Li

    Experts name: Expert Li

    Lee has some expert engineering and technology research experience, able to undertake research and the ability to work more complex projects, brought a lot of help and benefits for the Soviet Union Science and Technology.

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